From 6th April 2015 people whose pensions mature will no longer be required to put all their funds into an annuity. Many landlords, agents and lenders think that buy-to-let market will be a very attractive option for these pensioners and are expecting a surge of landlords coming into an already booming market. What is likely to happen and what does it mean for existing landlords?

Our Secret Agent - the deposit that wasn't

Welcome to the second of our occasional series - Our Secret Agent - in which our intrepid informant from the basement levels of a multi-branch letting agency somewhere in the south of England lets loose with tales of derring-do and disaster from the files. All completely anonymised, of course.

What are these new alternative funding sources?

It might be something of a surprise to seasoned landlords but the internet's ability to put disparate people with a common goal together is throwing up some interesting alternatives to the straightforward buy-to-let routes to investment.

Is the mortgage market ready for April 6th?

Come April 6th this year, people whose pensions mature will no longer be forced to buy annuities, allowing them to spend the money on whatever they desire. In one article this month we look at the wider aspects of this change, in this article Andy Young from LPC Mortgages looks at the implications for the buy-to-let mortgage market.

What common mistakes can landlords making inventories avoid?

According to advice set out by the Association of Independent Inventory Clerks, landlords who produce their own inventories and conduct check-ins and check-outs themselves risk losing tenant disputes. Read on to find out how to avoid those mistakes and how employing a professional can potentially save you a lot of money.

New report reveals landlords are unhappy with lenders

Although the buy-to-let mortgage market is improving month by month, both in terms of the numbers of lenders and products and the deals on offer (see our LPC Mortgage update below for the 2015 outlook), a recent survey by leading online letting agent shows landlords' deep dissatisfaction with the situation.

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