Andy Young from LPC Mortgages reviews the year so far and finds increasing competition delivering better deals as lenders go after the buoyant buy-to-let market. Deals on offer include 80% LTV and flat-rate arrangement fees.

The taxman cometh (again)

Every now and then we take a look at the HMRC's assault on landlords which began over three years ago. You could be forgiven for thinking that HMRC assumes we're all tax-dodgers by default. What's the latest manoeuvre?

Our Secret Agent - the case of the phantom deposits

Our man or woman at the heart of an unknown letting agency somewhere in England lifts the lid on a shameful case of dishonesty - fortunately one that would be difficult to pull off now because of today's deposit handling legislation.

Are you correctly accounting for running costs?

Research by Platinum Property Partners indicates that some landlords aren't taking key running costs into account and are therefore accidentally over-estimating their profits.


Find out how to cut BTL costs and minimise tax

Tax can be a minefield at the best of times and with buy-to-let investments there are a lot of areas where tax has to figure in calculations. This article, from This is Money, highlights those areas and suggests ways to cut costs and minimise tax liabilities.

Oddest items abandoned by tenants

You'd expect most tenants to clear their belongings from a property when the lease ends, and most do. But when they don't it's the odd broken item that you or the agent has to throw away, right? Not in London apparently - one tenant left a Range Rover behind!

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