Right to Rent is a government initiative to make it harder for illegal immigrants to stay in the UK and were rolled out across England on 1st February. But many landlords aren't ready for the new rules and there are moves to get the new rules deemed illegal.

Will increased Build to Rent activity affect private landlords?

Build to Rent seems to have taken off quickly in 2016 after the government announced further investment - three companies have already announced large projects. What impact will this have on private landlords?

Compensation for evictions - a liability for landlords?

There are calls for tenants to be compensated for being asked to leave properties although it's hard to see how legislation could be drawn up that would be fair to both parties.

Immigration raid finds faults in rental property

Right to Rent is now in force across England but even before that happened, immigration issues were causing problems for landlords. Read how a joint raid by council and immigration officers dropped one landlord in hot water.

Landlords raise cash to challenge Osborne in court

A crowdfunding campaign by buy-to-let figures Chris Cooper and Steve Bolton has quickly reached its initial funding goals in a matter of days. The fund is to be used to force a judicial review of the Chancellor's proposals to prevent landlords claiming mortgage interest against tax.

Would a national landlord licensing scheme be preferable to the current mess?

While the government backs away implementing from a consistent landlord registration and licensing scheme across England, local councils are bridging the gap with their own piecemeal solutions, without any control over pricing, requirements or transparency. Is this a good idea? Would a national scheme be better than a succession of disparate schemes?

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