New Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has made no secret of his plans to cap private sector rents but will he ever be elected? More importantly, even if he has made Labour unelectable, will he still be able to influence policy that affects landlords?

Buy-to-let mortgages: Fluctuations and reflexes

The buy-to-let mortgage market is subject to many different forces and at the moment seems uncertain where the future lies. While new products and lenders are entering a buoyant market, others are throttling back lending requirements to control growth. Andy Young's job is to keep an eye on these movements to bring you the best deals in the mortgage market.

Students face accommodation shortage as rental market crippled by soaring demand

Data collated by flat and house share website reveals that up to 22 people are competing for each room available in university towns and cities. The figures identify the areas struggling the most to cope and they are a clear indicator to the best places where investors interested in student accommodation should look.

Exhibitions for landlords

As summer gives way to autumn the buy-to-let property exhibition season picks up and there are a number of shows to visit all over the UK – here's our pick.

Prices slowing - good news or bad?

August 2015 figures show the lowest rise in house prices in the last twelve months in London. does this mean the price action has moved outside the capital or is it happening elsewhere too?

Convictions threatened for landlords who don't evict illegal immigrants

Cynics could be forgiven for thinking that the announcement of the latest round of irrelevant legislation to be heaped on buy-to-let landlords was timed to make us think the government is on top of the Calais refugee fiasco. Should landlords be used as front line immigration officers?

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